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Game duration

Game duration One late remains without place also it is considered lost.

When all starlings took place I.e.

rose on two in circles, the tutor speaks Starlings fly.

Then all playing run out from circles and again be gat on a platforM. Game is started anew, and children can occupy any circles.

Game duration minutes.

Rules of the game It is possible to take a place in a nesting box only on to the tutor's signal starlings flied.

It is possible to take off from a nesting box only on to signal starlings fly.

Only two can occupy one circle I play shchy.

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That you are silent, as a horned

That you are silent, as a horned Note Ask parents to describe a portrait of the child and srav its thread with the description made by the child.

What son is better My God, for what to me such torture!

mother began to cry, having powerlessly lowered hands.

Borka, having frowned, looked in a floor.

That you are silent, as a horned owl.

You are rude to mother, from school you bring the two, in the yard connected with some hooligans sya!

the father cried.

They are normal children, motorcycles collected.

I I do not call your friends the son muttered.

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And nventar

And nventar Vodyashch to them there is the last osalenny.

And nventar scarf or kerchief.

M inimal Nov number of players .

P r and in and l and I choose t of water.

All other players there is a t in a circle and go round driving, which sits with the eyes which are tied with a scarf by a scarf After these words water rises and chooses at random any player, touches him and tries to guess who it.

Esl also guessed, this player becomes water.

And nventar about tsutstvut.

Inimalny prick m chestvo of players .

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It is known

It is known People in sensual childhood noticeable deviation, the more desires are developed, the people more susceptibility, and therefore fears in the acute sensation of surround overall reality.

It is known that great people in his childhood had suffered from some deviations.

The sense of reality always comes together with podsoznatel Part two s ' is deliberate or fear about what I feel is it Good or bad?

Not would it harm?

We need to respect this fear, because without it, we would immediately AF Lee.

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Snowflakes Children have to on behalf of those who to them got on cards, to tell than and as they would help to the boy to recover.

SNOWFLAKES UNDER CHERRY Nastya Zaytseva, The captivated garden dozes in winter silence.

Snowflakes fuzzes under raskidisleep peacefully sty branches of cherry.

Dreamed snowflakes in teresny dreaM. As if they are turned round cherry, and cherry speaks to them What you are cheerful, my beloved children, and on the volume irons them and embraces.

Snowflakes fuzzes felt Lascaux howling warmly and in a moment woke up.

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If someone

If someone Street and Jborsbsh.

the igrysshoyky small The stock is absent.

Number of players .

Rules Two players on a belt come into water, put feet on width of shoulders also rest each other palms.

The main objective of players to get moving forward against nickname.

If someone from players sharply parts palms, the second will not be able to resist on odes About number place.

That participant who will resist on a place and not will win will lose balance.

Zero The stock is absent.

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Everything Everything playing thus chorus of couples to speak Time, two, three!

Take a ball rather!

Four, five, six!

Here it, here it here!

Seven, eight, nine!

Who is able to throw?


On each word the playing pass a ball, povorach being howled by all case to nearby standing, but without tearing off feet from a floor.

At whom on SLOEO I will appear a ball, comes with it to the middle and speaks Time, two, three run.

After these words all children run up, and standing in the middle of a circle, right on the spot, throws a ball into Ube gayushchy.

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