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They arrived

They arrived Friends ate, left a vault, sat down on horses and started on a journey.

They arrived to the sea which the night voice mentioned.

Where you will look everywhere water, and only far ahead very narrow strip other coast is seen.

Mahomed looked around, saw on the bank of a big oak, drove up to it, took out the dagger, cut off a branch more and threw into the sea.

Immediately before them the bridge grew.

Friends went on it.

Approaching another I protect, noticed a small lodge under the rock.

At a lodge stood old woman.

Yes there will be your day good, Nani!

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This is not all the seriousness

This is not all the seriousness I think that scientists are just boyatsya I'm afraid to look deeper and discover the causes.

This is not all the seriousness of our approach to the issue.

It would seem, adults, pony home life must understand the difference between a man and a woman, and different purpose of each sex in General, and in the education of children in particular.

But instead begin to hide something.

Maybe not quite understand, and therefore play.

It's not that you don't understand and that do not want to understand.

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It is what

It is what I have nothing to add to this end, except that the virtual connection jump to the integral connection and a new reality.

It is what they want, feeling internal demand.

Their despair and neglect is an expression of emptiness, which they could not do anything to fill.

Proper education and explanation of that part of reality which they not familiar, can solve problemu Part one with tarshi teaches younger Mr.

our discussion we finished at the age of .

It is also a bit affected older ages, when he spoke about cooperation the deposits between the sexes.

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The leader

The leader After game zhdy who violated rules, redeems the forfeit.

All participants of game have on some forfeits.

Ig fates attentively listen to questions and watch the speech.

The leader carries on approximately such conversation What is on sale in a bakery?




And what bread you love more the black or white?


From' what flour bake rolls?

From wheat etc.

At repayment of forfeits participants of game think out for owner of a forfeit of a task.

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I know, but I will

I know, but I will And towards to it the Doe hare with leverets.

With Listen, the Doe hare, you do not know, incidentally, where in the wood oresh nickname?

the hedgehog asked it, even without having greeted.

I know, but I will not tell you!

the Doe hare answered.

If you to a raspberry brake asked the road, my mother to you would show, the leveret squeaked.

Having heard these words, the hedgehog pricked the leveret with the prickle mI. The poor leveret screamed and took to the heels after mother.

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Players can change

Players can change After that blind gropingly nach aches to look for the playing.

Players can change positions, become on knees to sit down, accept the various About provisions to deceive blind, but ґ ~ they have to touch always by a hand or but the gy position elected by theM. Two players are allowed to be interchanged the position, but it movement should not happen, when blind approaches a position if it occurred and driving whom did not find on a place, the player standing there is considered the caught.

To be released, blind has to guess a name the caught.

If he is mistaken, companions inform him on it cottons in palms, and it continues the searches.

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I ornamented

I ornamented At school all teachers Will tell, mother bad I. In appearance my son is not tidy, On trousers of ten spots, Now you will not wash them!

You afflict the mother!

Son Mother, on trousers not spots, I repeat to you distinctly.

I ornamented trousers, That their look became more fashionable!

Mother I will not understand youth, Far, the sonny, you will go!

You write with the handle on yourself, How it is not ashamed for you?

Son Mother, look at the diary, I am not the worst pupil.

I do not bring problems, Also it is not a shame to me absolutely!

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