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Silent She worries.

Let's look for a kotyatok!

To mother cat into place we will put.

While kids search for kittens, the teacher or mother sings Greyish kitty.

It is good if you own a musical instrument.

Silent melodious music will cause sympathy for the living being even to the toy!

It that, precious feeling which we have to begin to cultivate since the early childhood.

But here the blackandwhite kitten is found on a window sill, white on a carpet, and greyish among toys.

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It encourages

It encourages This collection will help to create the family atmosphere in your cool rooM. For many children it will be their only picture for this period of time.

When you make the new picture, old you can remove from a Whatman paper and present to the child.

Chapter Contact establishment Give a mask!

Purposes Before you the fine game borrowed from traditions of theater of improvisations.

It encourages children, does them by more attentive and it helps to be adjusted for work in group.

Everyone can get rid of those unproductive moods with which it came to a class, and thereby to release the head for work.

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Development Development of mechanisms of mezhanalizatorny communications as osno you proper response.

Specification and enrichment of the arriving signals of feelings.

Expansion of range of emotional reaction.

Development of the ritmikointonational party of the speech.

Expansion of a framework of acoustical perception, orientation acoustical attention, memory.

Development of feeling of a rhythm Formation of the ritmikointonational party the speech and Formation of bases of acoustical differentiation, having appeared lines about various intensity nonverbal and speech sounds, abilities to differentiate nonverbal and speeches vy sounds.

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There along

There along Our breeze on the wide street flies and sees, children of a dragon let.

Give, thinks, I will have fun with theM. Grabbed a snake and very high lifted it, then took and broke from kids hats.

Children after hats rushed, laugh loudly, run competing in speed.

And the breeze flew on the big yard and let's help solnysh ku to dry linen; dried, departed further and got in it is remote ny quarter of the city.

There along streets plants and fabrilasted ki, and worked for them the people much.

Sees a breeze, people are exhausted from a heat, flew at doors and also blew softly windows on all a cool.

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She told

She told But it needed the help.

After all to one it was heavy to look for a starfish.

The whale called a small fish.

Small fish told that she should cook food to the children.

But the whale became to persuade her, and the small fish agreed.

She told a whale, that he in all obeyed it.

The small fish was flexible and quick, and she perfectly dived.

The whale could not do without it in any way.

They began to discuss, from what they will begin the searches.

The small fish told I will dive, and you quietly wait.

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Material Rainbow.


At the end of the game to count who has more than counters.

Red bars Purposes to form the concepts the long short; to develop a motility, coordination of movements; to form serial structures, to prepare for work with numerical bars.

Material ten red bars from cm long to cm M. Occupation course The teacher suggests to greet each other, calling name on a miscellaneous Sasha Sashenka, Yulya Yulenka, Nata sha Natashenka to smile each other.

Under a gentle music children pass is abrupt, sit down.

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Then he with

Then he with AS IT IS POSSIBLE TO PLAY WITH THE TOY The most nice animals will not help the child to occupy themselves, if we not let's teach him to play.

It is useful to show it games improvisations with the figurative toys.

Then he with pleasure will repeat them and itself will begin to improvise.

But it is important for us not only it.

The child can on one the small step to come nearer to the world of the nature, to feel sympathy and interest to to living beings and their mysterious life.

How to play?

In each family there is a bear or an elephant, a horse or hare.

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