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Fire was much, but the woods, alive

Fire was much, but the woods, alive And the sun to that time already stood in a zenith.

Thousands of people pulled a bowstring.

Amra carefully aimed.

Also the miracle was made an arrow please la directly in the center of the sun.

The sun trembled with pain, having dropped teardrop.

The teardrop reached the earth soon, and hot vspykh nulnut the thousandyear wood.

Three months of the valley of our earth were are covered with a smoke.

Fire was much, but the woods, alive disappeared the game burned down and the rivers shoaled.

You returned us fire, but you deprived of us food, reproached people to Amr.

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Absolutely And fire was not known by people of the Dark country.

They lived in vezha from the turf and rods, warmed these dwellings as could filled the earth, an utykala moss … But all the same shivered from cold because in the Dark country always blew fierce wind from the cold sea closed by ice.

The harm was to people in the Dark country.

Absolutely poorly.

Also was in the Dark country high round mountain.

The halfsky closed Vezha the ancient dwelling of SamI. the round mountain, anybody never saw, what stars shine on that side of the mountain … And at the foot of the mountain stood long and high black fence.

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