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Everyone Creative task Favourite Owner Distribute to children of a card with drawings different house zhi the wadded.

Everyone has to tell on behalf of the animal, that it is pleasant to it or, on the contrary, it is not pleasant in the life, and then to describe the owner of whom he dreams.

WHY LUZHOK CRIES M. Skrebtsova What do you shed tears, a luzhok?

At me faded a flower, The brightest, the lightest, From everywhere all noticeable.

Perhaps from my zemlitsa He waters could not get drunk?

Perhaps solar burn The fragile petal wounded?

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The teacher

The teacher.

Children survey each slice of fabric, feeling pain shy and index fingers.

The teacher shows material, asking What is it?

What it is fabric?

Gives everyone on a fabric slice, and in the magic box asks to find same.

Suggests to make the same most, but blindly.

Children find fabric slices to the touch.

On the course of occupation consolidate concepts fabric smooth rough, fabric rigid soft, fabric thick thin.

The teacher suggests to look, from what fabric is sewed clothes of children.

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Oh, as hot, the woman

Oh, as hot, the woman The boy who met on his way wanted to play with this amusing toy, and Yosaka with a light heart presented to the child straw stalk.

For this toy the servant of the boy gave it three orange.


The whole three oranges for a straw ste baby seal!

thought to Yosak and went further.

Soon it overtook for the woman who sat down on a roadside.

Oh, as hot, the woman told, I am parched with thirst.


If these three oranges rescue you, please, take them!

the kind young man told.

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To draw

To draw with fat and grain for titmouses.

To draw attention of kids to this event .

Darkened in the yard.

Supervision for the big snow cloud To induce children to notice an originality of the winter the sky, lighting change, connecting not only with time of day, but also with overcast existence the cloud big, blue the sun closed, on darkened.

When snowfall begins, it is offered to children independently to consider snowflakes which fell on fur coats of children, on small benches.

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