Snowflakes Children have to on behalf of those who to them got on cards, to tell than and as they would help to the boy to recover.

SNOWFLAKES UNDER CHERRY Nastya Zaytseva, The captivated garden dozes in winter silence.

Snowflakes fuzzes under raskidisleep peacefully sty branches of cherry.

Dreamed snowflakes in teresny dreaM. As if they are turned round cherry, and cherry speaks to them What you are cheerful, my beloved children, and on the volume irons them and embraces.

Snowflakes fuzzes felt Lascaux howling warmly and in a moment woke up.

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If someone

If someone Street and Jborsbsh.

the igrysshoyky small The stock is absent.

Number of players .

Rules Two players on a belt come into water, put feet on width of shoulders also rest each other palms.

The main objective of players to get moving forward against nickname.

If someone from players sharply parts palms, the second will not be able to resist on odes About number place.

That participant who will resist on a place and not will win will lose balance.

Zero The stock is absent.

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Everything Everything playing thus chorus of couples to speak Time, two, three!

Take a ball rather!

Four, five, six!

Here it, here it here!

Seven, eight, nine!

Who is able to throw?


On each word the playing pass a ball, povorach being howled by all case to nearby standing, but without tearing off feet from a floor.

At whom on SLOEO I will appear a ball, comes with it to the middle and speaks Time, two, three run.

After these words all children run up, and standing in the middle of a circle, right on the spot, throws a ball into Ube gayushchy.

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For this reason, choosing

For this reason, choosing B.

drink, .

Symptoms of SDVG can be shown and amplify at increase in loads of the nervous system therefore there is a disbalance of mental processes that it is negatively reflected in process of training of Aristov T.


, .

Therefore it is desirable not to overload the child with occupations with tutors, infinite copying of the inaccurate works, long performance of homeworks.

For this reason, choosing school for with SDVG, the choice not on a gymnasium with the complicated program is better to stop the child, and on a usual class with the basic prograM. Being in comfortable conditions for it, the child adapts for school life, and during training at elementary school years quicker at the corresponding mode of training without overfatigue work of a brain completely Yasyukova L.

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Game Beautiful

Game Beautiful Application That we constructed Children do application of object which they built.

Game Beautiful Hands and Eyes Discuss with children what have to be beautiful eyes, and that they have to be able to see.

Then the teacher shows to children of carat points with drawings of different subjects or animals.

Everyone has to tell about all beautiful that is in this or that subject or animal.

The one who listed most of all kra gray, receives a card.

The most beautiful eyes at the one who nabe rt more than all cards.

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On bedrails

On bedrails Here titmouses flew away, and the tutor tenderly calls children to look out on porch there the birdie too sits!


On the street November, and it is enough to put on hats and to throw jackets that for a minute one and a half to run out on porch.

On bedrails a toy birdie Ah!

What pretty!

It wants to play with us.

The tutor takes a toy and comes back to group together with the intrigued kids.


Game has to cause an emotional response from children, their arrangement to to birdie who started with them new cheerful game.

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