By means of this

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By means of this If there is no gymnastic rack or towers, it is possible to get on benches or on boards, a polo zhenny on an eminence.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty initiative, observation, memory, dexterity.

Children practise in a lazaniye, in run.

GAMES WITH THE THROWING Roll a ball Push away a ball Description of game The playing form a circle, kneel and sit down on heels.

The tutor rolls a ball to somebody from children.

That pushes away him from itselfhimself a hand, without giving to touch feet.

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We do not tell

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We do not tell As to this regard involve and how to help them?

How to give a filling, and what kind of content is it?

Here, undoubtedly, is the neglect of education.

We should each of them to make a psychologist himself to explain what motivates them, what is it, why is he always jumps up and explodes.

With children mi is necessary to speak about all these phenomena.

We do not tell them when kind person, its evolution and the processes taking place in our time.

They must know life, and the life, unfortunately, we are not talking.

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Of course. G avorite

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Of course. G avorite I love my friend, but not the nature outside Seba It is not easy, and it is impossible to give an answer in two words.

This idea implemented in Euro rights gradually, pre explaining its nature and current feelings.

Gradually he becomes aware of the evil that egoistic nature de, and how it may change for the sake of bestowal and love instead of hatred and envy.

It is a process.

Of course.

G avorite with the child that his nature is bad, you need a very OSTO goad.

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If asked

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If asked Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation Remember any thing, very expensive to you, and podu wash when and under what circumstances you could pozhertvo to vat for someone this thing.

If asked you how to learn to forget about themselves for the sake of others, what you would answer?

As you think, in what moments of life it is necessary people more often in total to endow itself for rescue of others?


Lopatina orphanage there was a holiday.

On a ledge scene whether children from sea school.

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But that

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But that But tell, how to me to get the sun for vezhnik?

Though sun slice, which at once and warmly, and pleasure … You will get the sun, the old man told.

But that sun warmed all and pleased all, it is necessary, that all people your tribe believed in the sun.

Though on a hair, but would believe.

Only then the sun will be given you in hands.

Only then will warm all.

Well, the young man told, sat down on a deer and returned to the Dark country.

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Lines we connect

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Lines we connect He got used to live in the city!

lines we put fingers of both hands in shchepot also we peck from a table of the imagined bugs and worms.

lines we connect palms to close fingers and we raise hands up.

lines leaning on fingertips, serially we jump up both hands over table surface.

The wind in the field ransacks, Everything sings yes whistles, Breaks trees, To the earth bends down, And then everything is more silent, Again trees are higher … lines weakened hands it is raised up and we shake them, as branches of trees.

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