It is desirable

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It is desirable That is preferable?

I believe that the system of education in the future will be partially virtual and partially implemented in small discussion groups.

It is desirable that it was close to home, in every district.

We need a caregiver for Part two boys and teacher for girls.

Everything that concerns the development of natural tendencies and profession, they would have received through the Internet, and what is to study and internal development, to education, received in the group.

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The teacher

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The teacher The teacher can help children to realize the values and to establish priorities, can also to help them to become more tolerant, flexible and attentive, to feel less fears, stresses and to feel like less lonely.

He can teach them to the simple vital to mudrost analyse a situation in which you appeared, and make the decision, without allowing to adjust itself relationship of people a great value, and it is important to be able to support them, that they not deteriorated do not expect from others that they will read your thoughts, say to them that you want, you feel also you think do not offend other people and let's them lose face do not attack others when to you it is bad.

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Now you got rid of need! Asanas

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Now you got rid of need! Asanas Without remembering itself for pleasure, Hasen grabbed a cauldron and rushed headlong to the friend's dugout.

Have fun, Asanas, he shouted on the run, have fun, to you the happiness came!

I dug the cauldron full of gold on your earth.

Now you got rid of need!

Asanas greeted its friendly with a smile and answered I know your unselfishness, Hasen, but this your gold, but not mine.

After all you found a treasure on own earth.

I know your generosity, Asanas, Hasen objected, but having presented the earth, you did not give me that is hidden in its subsoil.

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That bad I sde lat? The house

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That bad I sde lat? The house When gathered waters enough for all caravans, threw the end of a rope down to lift the young man.

But hardly lifted it half as opened in a wall to lodets a crack, and someone pulled the young man by a hand in depth of a vault.

In a vault was light.

There stood gloomy, hudyushchy skin and bone the person, before it a turtle; along walls bodies of lifeless people lay.

Release me!

the young man begged.

That bad I sde lat?

The house me are waited by old mother and the young wife.

Looked hudyushchiya to it in eyes and speaks I will ask to you three riddles.

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They arrived

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They arrived Friends ate, left a vault, sat down on horses and started on a journey.

They arrived to the sea which the night voice mentioned.

Where you will look everywhere water, and only far ahead very narrow strip other coast is seen.

Mahomed looked around, saw on the bank of a big oak, drove up to it, took out the dagger, cut off a branch more and threw into the sea.

Immediately before them the bridge grew.

Friends went on it.

Approaching another I protect, noticed a small lodge under the rock.

At a lodge stood old woman.

Yes there will be your day good, Nani!

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This is not all the seriousness

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This is not all the seriousness I think that scientists are just boyatsya I'm afraid to look deeper and discover the causes.

This is not all the seriousness of our approach to the issue.

It would seem, adults, pony home life must understand the difference between a man and a woman, and different purpose of each sex in General, and in the education of children in particular.

But instead begin to hide something.

Maybe not quite understand, and therefore play.

It's not that you don't understand and that do not want to understand.

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